KEA - Web App Prototype (UI, UX)
KEA - Web App Prototype (UI, UX)
KEA - Pop Art Style - Visual Identity
KEA - Digital Concept (Logo, UI, UX)
KEA - Waaay App Logo
KEA - UI Proposition
KEA - Interactive Story CSS Sprite Sheets animation
KEA - Characters Design
KEA - Interactive Animation (Design, UX)
Art School - Logo Magazine
Art School - Charcoal
Art School - Charcoal
Art School - Charcoal
Art School - Acrylic
Art School - Magazine Layout
Art School - Collage
Art School - Poster
Art School - Font
Art School - Gouache
Art School - Logo
Art School - Printed Materials
Art School - Sepia
Art School - Lithography
Art School - Poster for kids
Art School - Pastel
Art School - Acrylic

KEA Study Description

During my studies at KEA I worked on various projects (both individual and group projects). I had to write reports that compile all the process and research for each assignments.

Business: Data Analysis, Desk Research, Problem area, Problem formulation, Mission Vision Values statements, Business Model Canvas, SWOT Analysis, Content Strategy, Competitor Analysis…

UX/UI: Target Audience, Personas, Customer Journey, UX principles, Flowchart, User Testing, Wireframes…

Design: Ideation, Mind Mapping, Visual Research, Moodboard, Style Tile, Design Guide, Visual Identity…

Content Production: Content Strategy, Storyboard, Storytelling, SEO…

Technology: Adobe Creative Suite CC software, HTML, CSS, JS, Github, Brackets, Visual Studio

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