# Useful tips for tourists

Copenhagen is a city with dense bicycle traffic. During rush hours it is especially important to be aware of other people in the traffic. Here are a couple of tips for getting around the city by bicycle in a safe and comfortable way.

CPH Cycling guidelines

#1 Keep right at all times

#2 Raise your hand up high before you stop

#3 Give hand signals to the left or right before turning

#4 Watch over your left shoulder before overtaking cyclists

#5 Always overtake other cyclists on the left

#6 Do not ride against the traffic flow or on sidewalks/pavements, pedestrian crossings or pedestrian streets

#7 Cycling is not allowed in parks in central Copenhagen

#8 To turn left at an intersection you must cross to the opposite right corner of the intersection where you stop and wait for the traffic light to change before continuing

#9 A short ring on the bell is often a signal that a cyclist wants to pass – so please keep to the right

#10 From dusk to dawn, bicycles must be equipped with bicycle lights front and rear


- - - The bike on the metro, train and harbour bus

Harbour waterbus
You can bring your bicycle on all waterbuses. You can see where the waterbuses dock on the map. Remember to buy a ticket for your bicycle.

You can bring your bicycle on the Metro at all hours except during the morning and afternoon rush hours from 7:00-9:00 am and 15:30-17:30. Remember to buy a ticket for your bicycle.

You can bring your bicycle on the metropolitan rail service (S-trains) at all hours free of charge. However, you may neither en-ter nor exit the train with a bicycle at Norre-port Station during rush hours from 7:00-8:30 am and 15:30-17:00 due to congestion.

National rail
You may bring your bicycle on most national and regional trains, including InterCity and InterCityLyn trains, at all hours. You must purchase a ticket for your bicycle. When travelling with intercity trains you may also be required to make a seat reservation for your bicycle.

*Copenhagen won the title as the world's most bicycle-friendly city in 2015

- - - The harbour circle

The Copenhagen Harbour Circle is a new com-bined cycle route and footpath along the city's inner harbour.

The route guides you through regenerated docklands with vibrant urban life and past the city's landmark waterside attractions. The Harbour Circle is a shortcut to the rich diversity the city has to offer and can be experienced on bike rides, running trips and leisurely walks.

The Copenhagen Harbour Circle is a cycle route and footpath that runs through an area of great contrast with magnificent waterfront architecture nestled alongside rickety houseboats. With its waterside recreational activities, the Copenhagen harbour area is the very essence of vvhat makes the city such a vibrant and liveable experience.

The Harbour Circle route not only offers a new access way to the area but also a vvindovv to the dynamic transformation Copenhagen is currently undertaking and offers a unique harbourside experience in the heart of the city.

- - - The Green Cycle Routes

Copenhagen's Green Cycle Routes are popular with commuters and recreational cyclists alike. The total of 58km of Green Cycle Routes in Copenhagen let you enjoy slow rides along designated lanes in leafy surroundings away from motor traffic.

The Green Cycle Routes let you experience the changing of the seasons. Copenhageners use the green spaces along the routes for relaxation and sports activities.

The Green Cycle Routes run through historic urban areas with parks, lakes and neighbour-hoods that give each route its own unique character. The Green Cycle Routes are marked on the map with a green line.

- - - Copenhagen bike share

As many other major cities, Copenhagen has a bike share scheme that allovvs everyone to cycle around the city.

The bicycles feature optional electric assistance and a tablet with a navigation system. The bicycles are located at charging stations around the city, and the bike share website guides you to available bicycles.

The price is DKK 25 per hour or DKK 70 in monthly subscription.

You can read more about the bike share program and where to find the charging stations at the webpage:

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